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typical Monday

Went to Dad's early today and stayed way too long. I did get to see my niece's dog who just had his eye out a few weeks ago. He seems to be getting along just fine. I truly hope nothing happens to his other eye. This i just one reason why I'm against pure bred pets. Why don't people want to adopt from shelters? I just don't get it.

By the time I was driving home my back and knee hurt horribly. Just when I got in the house and was debating a day in my jammies i got a phone call from my doc's office saying they could fit me in in half an hour. So, we (Glen & I) hopped in the car and went right away. There were several infants in the waiting room, but luckily not loud ones! Glen came in with me 'cause I always feel like i forget stuff the doc says. My chubby. gay doctor is just awesome BTW. I'd love to set him up with my gay boyfriend! Anyway, everything seems set up and I will probably be in much pain Thursday. I have a stack of Weeds DVDs, Molly Ringwald's book and Portia deRossi's book. Now I just need frozen yogurt and I'll be set for being stuck home for a few days.


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Aw, how did the puppy lose it's eye? So sad!

he's a Shitzu and they are prone to eye infections because their eyelashes grow inwards towards their eyeballs. He's had so many infections in his life, he's always on medication. It got to the point where it was pretty clear he couldn't see out of that eye and it just kept getting infected. anyway, he really is getting along fine so I think he probably lost sight in that eye ages ago.

What happened to the dog's eye? I know what you mean, if people are keeping a dog for a pet, you don't need a pure breed one. They cost far too much to buy, have all sorts of problems due to interbreeding, and there are plenty of homeless dogs who need a home and some love. When I get a dog, I'm definitely getting one from a homeless shelter.

Sorry about your knee, but glad to hear you're all set up for sitting at home, enjoy it while you can!

OK I just read your reply about the dog's eye. That's pretty gross and sounds really painful, the poor thing :o(

and he's the sweetest thing too! but I have faith that he's going to be ok now :)

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