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rejoined Sparkpeople
this is from one of their articles:
Research shows that a perpetual lack of sleep can:

•Undermine the body's ability to fight off disease.

•Reduce the quality and quantity of your work

•Mimic the symptoms of impaired glucose tolerance (which can lead to diabetes and hypertension).

•Hinder weight loss and/or cause weight gain

•Impair concentration

•Cause disorientation

•Slow down the body's reaction time

•Increase moodiness and irritation

•Lead to depression

that should be enough evidence for me to REALLY work on better sleep. Just now, I went to bed, read for awhile then G came to bed. After 5 mins. with the lights out I just couldn't lie there anymore. All I could feel or think about was the pain in my legs. So.. I got up and went to the livingroom to find some pain pills. I really DO TRY to sleep but either my body or my mind always get in the way. I maay have to do a short course of ambien or something. My doctor seems to think that if I can change my sleep for a couple weeks then I could stop the pills because I would have a habit and going to bed earlier would be easy.

Started packing up the Christmas decorations today. Only got a box packed up with my Boyds bears. I really love the small Boyds - wonder why I haven'r gotten one in 2 (3?) years now? Guess I really don't go in those little country type stores that sell them any more.

G has been a little under the weather. Even though I feel like we have plenty of food in the house so much of it has the potential to make him sick. The one thing we're out of is yogurt and that would've really been good for him tonight. I did offer him a variety of choices for dinner and when he finally said "you don't have to do that" I knew he wanted the chocken parmesan. So, I made him a little caserole dish of it and he really enjoyed. That makes me happy! I don't cook too much, but when he goes back to work I really want to make sure I do that for him.

I've been having this weird feeling lately. I look at things I like and consider buying them. However, I've been able to tell myself, "you have enough shoes" (makeup, bags, art supplies). That would be great but it kinda leaves me hanging and feeling a little uncomfortable. How do I transition into doing things instead of buying things?

STUFF TO DO SUNDAY: buy drygas, see Mom, pickup yoga mat, bananas & yogurt at TJs, put away decorations, ebay something, order filter for dishwasher

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That's funny because I get TOO MUCH sleep and I seem to suffer from the same symptoms...

Doctors are always blindingly optimistic about sleep, I find. People who have had a serious sleep disorder for decades and who have tried absolutely everything they can imagine still get blown off with, "Try a hot milky drink," or "Try going to bed earlier," and similar nonsense. By the way, be careful with Ambien, the side-effects are fairly scary. I got hallucinations and was stoned to the point of being non-functional for the next week. I've spent so long fighting with sleep disorders that I've actually gathered some very useful (and often lesser-known) information and put it together as a website. Sleep clinics, in my experience, know how to deal with things like sleep apnoea and narcolepsy but are fairly crap with things like circadian rhythm disorders or even plain insomnia.

Doctors also tend to be fairly crap about dealing with pain. No idea what's causing it since I don't actually know you, but I'm assuming something long-term? My cousin has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and she's had such a tough time with pain that she's ended up founding two international pain organisations! I'm in the UK and don't know the American groups, but have you tried the local pain organisations, the equivalent of Pain Concern and such over here? Have you been to a pain clinic? There's often a lot more available than your average GP or specialist will be aware of, and some specialists just don't want to discuss pain (eye specialists are bloody awful with this, for instance).

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