Paint and Metal and Writing and Making Messes

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5 gratitudes
Hubby that supports me and loves me no matter what
Parents, hubby, pets and friends are healthy
Roof over our heads and the mortgage is paid
New supplement that MAY help my pain (fingers crossed)
About to put a deposit on a summer house on my fave (hidden) gem of an island :)
*heck - I can do more than 5!
Watched Scott Pilgrim VS the World and it was GOOD!
Projecting Alice In Wonderland tonight on my new projector. Drive-in livingroom fun!
Awake early enough for church but kinds fuzzy headed? Not sure I'll go cause I don't want to drive like this. Do wNT TO hang with mom though.
Last day of Bath & Body Works sale. Time to bust out the gift card
While I'm at it might wander next door and see if I can find the eyeshadow palettes I need or maybe new curl friendly hair products. The Terax and Tigi are $$$
Bargains at the art stores? Or stay home and clean the studio? I know the fun answer, but I also know the practical answer.
Make copies of Dresden Dolls sheet music and practice not that paino is back in livingroom.
Gotta my hair cut/ nothing drastric. Just healthier ends. Will wait a few days before dying it.
Time to download kitty pix to the computer. I want to order preints and fiddle around in photoshop with them.


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