Paint and Metal and Writing and Making Messes

chatting with my bestie

lazy Sunday, not up to much. the house is still upended and I'm slowly working on the massive clothes pile to put away, throw away or donate. and i'm thinking about our sudden lack of health insurance. the paperwork is sort of overwhelming , but I know I need to do it. I also need to ask some questions about it, but I really don't know where to start. I feel like there isn't really a good solution, but I'm trying not to catastrophize.

Chicken Parm is in the oven and Glen is playing vidgames - all is right with the world :D  Starting to make Christmas CDs. I think I want to give some out on Thanksgiving 'cause waiting 'til Christmas sort of defeats the purpose, i think.

Somehow avoided Ulta this weekend. Still debating on whether or not to keep something I got last week. Really, they have such bad customer service I got sort of flustered and bought something without looking at it too thoroughly.

Gotta get up and go to my dad's tomorrow. I think Glen will be at home? He was supposed to work today but was still sick. Starting to ebay again despite the restrictions. Opened a new account and put one auction up then they stopped me. The weird thing is i can't tell why. Just another email I need to write. sigh

I'm working on some items for an auction to help A Place To Bark which is an animal rescue run my artist Bernie Berlin. When my auctions are ready I'll leave a link. You can also donate directly at her website. What has happened is Bernie has had a head injury and can not keep up her schedule of rescuing animals, taking care of them and delivering them to their new homes. We are trying to raise enough money to get her some help which will save many animal lives.

stuff I'm reading

Knee and back are hurting today so I'm nesting on the couch with Willow. We went out early this morning and didn't get back until 2pm. I did pick up some new books from the library: Unbearable Lightness by Portia deRossi and Amy Sedaris' new book Simple Times.

Came in the house, put some more clothes away while changing into jammies and settling down. My knee is hurting in a sort of new way so I'm going to wear my brace and hope for the best. At least I'm sleepy and will probably feel better when I wake up. Sure, I'm trying to skip naps but today is an "ouchy I feel bad for myself" type day.

and they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same
Kinda crappy day. All I have to do entails multiple phone calls and  copying records and looking up dates and figures. Kinda like tax season, but in a dozen different ways. I need to keep up with my prescriptions and doctors appointments and MAYBE get my knee fixed before our insurance changes. Which involves ANOTHER physical and appointment with a cardiologist. Copies of checks I need to print won't. I think they need to be saved in a different format. This is dull I know, but all I've done lately seems tedious. Had an art date today but really couldn't deal. Hopefully my friend is ok with that.

Watched The September Issue last night and really liked it. More than Devil Wears Prada i think. Reminded me that I need to get in touch and stay in touch with my designer friends in NYC. Oh, and made me feel frumpy as hell.

Rewatching the first season of Weeds. I really do like this show, need to get the last few seasons on dvd from the library. Made a big salad for dinner tonight and it just didn't come out that good. I actually felt bad for waking G when I realized the salad sucked. LOL! Salad shouldn't be hard. The tomatoes weren't very good, I used chow mein noodles and they sucked. I know I used to use the ones the restaurant gave you with your takeout. They must be different somehow?

Just because I missed my art date tonight doesn't mean I'm not going to do the paintings. I already had idea for small square cat canvases so that's where I'll start. Maybe draw the outlines tonight and work on them tomorrow? I think I still have square canvases?

I'm still around.

I'm carrying too much...

stuff going on

i'm working on jewelry

and several paitings

Emma really likes fries...

and the kitties are super floppy cause of the heat...


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